Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Truck World: Australia?

    Truck World: Australia is an open-world truck driving simulator set in Australia, featuring realistic environments, various types of trucks, and diverse missions, including transporting goods and exploring the country's breathtaking landscapes.

  • What is Truck World: Driving School?

    Truck World: Driving School is a simulation game that teaches players how to drive a truck and master driving skills. We also wanted to gather feedback from free-to-play players ahead of the release of Truck World: Australia.

  • Are there any age restrictions for these games?

    Both games are rated E for Everyone, making them suitable for players of all ages.

  • Can I use a steering wheel controller with these games?

    Yes, both Truck World: Driving School and Truck World: Australia support a wide range of steering wheel controllers for an enhanced driving experience. If you encounter any issues with wheel configuration, detailed documentation is available on the website to assist you in resolving the problem. For direct contact with the development team, consider joining the official Discord server where you can ask questions and receive support.

  • Can I customize my trucks in the games?

    Truck World: Australia allow players to customize their trucks with various parts, paint jobs, and accessories.

  • Are the games multiplayer?

    Truck World: Driving School is a single-player game with no plans for multiplayer functionality. For Truck World: Australia, multiplayer functionality is planned for future updates, but it will not be available at launch.

  • Are these games available on multiple platforms?

    Truck World: Driving School is available exclusively on PC. Truck World: Australia will be initially released on PC and later on all major consoles.

Truck World: Australia

  • Are there realistic weather conditions in the games?

    Yes, it offer dynamic weather systems, including rain, fog, and various times of day.

  • Will Truck World: Australia support virtual reality (VR) and TrackIR at launch?

    Yes, Truck World: Australia will have VR and TrackIR support at launch, offering players an immersive and realistic driving experience. The game is compatible with various VR headsets and TrackIR devices to enhance the overall gameplay.

  • What is the scale of the game world in Truck World: Australia?

    The game world in Truck World: Australia has a 1:20 scale, providing a vast and detailed environment for players to explore. The scale may vary for specific areas, such as cities, to ensure a more accurate representation of real-world locations and enhance the overall gaming experience.